Who am I?
Since my teenage years, fashion has been my greatest passion. Through the years, I’ve loved helping women and men find their style with clothing and accessories. With my life experiences, my expertise in European fashions, as well as my education, I truly believe I have found my purpose in life.

Through creativity and authenticity, I help the petite woman of all sizes find their style or update they already have. If you are interested or passionnate about fashion too,  I believe you can benefit from my styling services. No matter your styling needs, you will find your style through hand-picked high quality clothing and accessories.

​Contact me via email or through my Facebook page.
​Get some fashion and style inspiration with my Polyvore portfolio! 

Why should I choose your as my fashion consultant?

My wide range of fashion expertise will help you find a style that suits your personnality and lifestyle, or I can help you update your current style. No matter your styling needs, together, we will help you look and feel your best!

What if I don’t like the results once you style me?

No worries! I will make sure you have the final word about the clothing and accessories selections. Your satisfaction is my priority!

How do I book an appointment with you?

Once you choose the styling services that best suits your needs, I will contact you for a meeting.

Is the payment transaction safe?

Yes. All payment transactions are done through Paypal. They accept debit and all major credit cards. If you do not have a Paypal account, or don’t wish to create one, please let me know so we can find some other payment method.

Who is my client?

It’s the woman aged between 25 to 75, who loves to look her best, wants to know more about the latest styles on the runways and in stores, loves to treat herself and who loves to buy and read fashion magazines.
Do you fit with one or more of these traits?
Then, let me know! It would be my great pleasure to help you with my different styling services that suit your fashion needs and your budget!
​Message me today to start your fashion adventure!