Style Guide: Blue color combos

Blue is a very versatile color and can be easily paired with other colors. Here are different looks you can create!

Let’s begin!


Pair blue with shades of grey to give your outfit a stylish touch. Choose a bold blue color in order to create an interesting contrast.


Blue and tan can look great together. Choose tones lighter or darker of tan and vice versa to create your look.


Combine blue with dark green or olive green. You can mix dark tones together.


This combinaison is a classic one. You can choose to mix different shades of both colors.


Blue and red mix well. Think of a red check shirt with a pair of blue jeans. Or a burgundy sweater with blue trousers. Very stylish!


This is the ultimate stylish combination. Wearing a monochrome outfit can be very nice. Play with tones and textures. Have fun!

What do you think of these looks? Let me know with a comment below!

Bisous, Jackie xo

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