Style Guide: Men’s Fall Fashion Essentials

It’s Autumn again! Time for layers. And it’s time to get our closet ready for the cooler weather ahead. But, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your comfort.

With Google and Pinterest’s help, as I do every season, I have gathered for you the essentials needed to complete your closet for the fall. So, gentlemen, here is my style guide for you! As always, this men’s autumn fashion essentials guide is meant to serve as only a reference, and is based on my personal opinions about style. Like last year, I’m showing you the casual/workwear style as it’s arguably the most popular and accessible style of men’s fashion. And, of course, it’s the one I like the most on men…wink wink. For more look inspirations, feel free to browse through my blog posts!

Ready? Let’s begin.

The puffer vest

This vest goes with the flannel shirt or a round-neck sweater like in the image below. It’s the piece of clothing that completes your look. Make sure it fits your body type. Style note: the vest can be quilted or in straight lines.

The checkered shirt

The checkered shirt like the plaid one is a must-have in your closet. You can swear it with jeans or chinos. Style note: make your checkered shirt a flannel one.


Chinos can be found in quite literally every color imaginable, making them a great article of clothing to fine-tune any wardrobe’s color palette. Most chino pants are made from 100% cotton with some styles having spandex added in for increased stretch and comfort.

In terms of versatility, chinos are second to none. They fold into business casual looks just as easily as more casual styles. Chinos are especially great in the fall since they’re not too heavy and can pair seamlessly with boots or sneakers.


Boots are a staple for any man’s wardrobe, especially for autumn. Wear them with jeans or chinos. Style note: get a pair of suede and leather ones.

A belt

Autumn means it’s time to hang up the flimsy canvas belts you may have been using for the summer.  Time to wear the sturdy leather belt. Style note: choose a color that matches your boots.

A watch

There’s something inherently timeless (pun absolutely intended) about a watch as part of a man’s personal style. Add a bracelet to it and voilà, instant style.

Style note: choose your the watch wristband in the color of your belt and boots for an extra stylish touch.


Before I leave you, I wanted to add a few extra pieces to complete your autumn wardrobe.

  1. a canvas jacket
  2. a thick sweater
  3. a good pair of socks
  4. a cap or tuque
  5. a pair of sunglasses

There you have it, boys!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know with a comment below! And if you liked this post, click on the like button.

Talk with you soon!


Your personal fashion stylist, Jackie M.

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Fashion stylist. Image consultant. Romance author. Entrepreneure.

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