How to wear a pattern

Patterns are always a wardrobe staple. They can look stylish if paired properly. How to do that? Here are 5 different looks that will inspire your printed shirt look.


Start with a floral shirt and pair it with shorts. Then, complete the look with boat shoes, some aviator sunglasses, a nice watch and some beaded bracelets.


Pair a checkered shirt with blue or black jeans(no ripes or holes). Then, finish the look with some leather boots and a scarf.


The striped shirt always looks good in a business casual setting. Pair it with dress pants or chinos. Finish the look with a tan belt, matching leather dress shoes, some shades and a stylish watch.


Houndstooth is an excellent pattern for layering. You can mostly use it in overcoats or suits. Given that it’s a busy pattern, houndstooth works best with simple, complementary motifs like uniform pinstripes or larger polka dots. For a more casual look, pair the overcoat with a sweater and shirt combo.


Paisley is such a busy and intense pattern that in most cases it’s best to tone it down by pulling a single colour from the design and using that elsewhere in your outfit. Or, you can use paisley in a tie or just a touch of it in a shirt.

How To Mix Patterns: The Rules

Mixing The Same Pattern

When it comes to mixing variations of the same pattern, the rule of thumb is to play with proportion. What this means is that if you’re wearing a windowpane check suit, which typically has large squares, match this with a smaller gingham check shirt or tie.

Stay within a tight colour palette and play with the different sizes of the pattern. For example, mix up the thickness of the vertical stripes in your trousers and top.

In addition to thickness, switching up the direction of a pattern is a move straight out of the style playbook. Consider layering a horizontal stripe T-shirt under a vertical stripe shirt.

There you have it! My style advice is to have fun with patterns. They will definitely upgrade your look and outfit.

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Bisous, Jackie!

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