5 Fashion Tips for Big Guys

There’s nothing wrong carrying a few extra pounds. All that matters is that you are healthy, happy and comfortable with who you are. Your personality matters the most. 🙂

So, whatever it says on your scale, here are some tips if you are a bigger guy.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

The Perfect Fit

Your clothes need to fit you, no matter what size you are right now. If you find it difficult to get the clothes in the perfect size, get it tailored to your size.


You already have a big frame, so stay away from flashy colors, big graphics and patterns. Keep it simple.


Keep layers to a minimum. Remember to buy sleek or adjusted jackets and tops. Nothing too tight. And, avoid heavy layers. Dark colors are preferred.


Simple patterns are your best friend(aside from a personal fashion stylist..wink wink). Keep you patterns like checks, stripes and florals to a minimum.


Avoid flashy or bright colors. Go for dark colors like browns, blued and black. As for the type of footwear, go for boots, Oxfords and other dressy shoe. Flipflops are not recommended for a bigger foot.

Voilà! If you have any questions or need my fashion assistance, book style appointment with me today!

Bisous, Jackie xo

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